A decade of data

When Charles Joynson and Michael Norfolk came together to launch WaveData in the autumn of 2000, they knew they had something that filled a niche in the pharmaceutical marketplace – pricing data to aid business decision making.

With Michael’s technical expertise and Charles’s research knowledge they rapidly established a comprehensive and independent pharmaceutical pricing data service.

“There was nothing like this in the UK at that time,” comments Charles, “and we knew there was a need for good quality pricing information.”

Their products provide information on pharma-pricing, tracking rises and falls, information on imports, patent expiry and generics.  Over the years they have developed services that offer their clients invaluable information that ensures their decision making about pricing is highly targeted to the prevailing marketplace.

“The strength of our products is in the flexibility of the reports that can be accessed, allowing companies to get information in a number of formats, depending on what they want to know,” explains Michael.
With a decade of information in their databases WaveData supplies a significant number of both innovator and generic manufacturing companies.  They also serve national and regional wholesalers allowing them to offer their products accurately in today’s highly competitive commercial environment.

The WaveData team has grown and is focused on ensuring that the existing products are as up-to-date as possible with new data being input hourly.  As demand arises new products are developed to meet the pharma industry’s needs.

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