Data to help you pitch your products well

You can choose from four product options that will enhance different aspects of your product planning, marketing and sales.

WaveData Live
This product allows you to see what is happening right now. WaveData Live is primarily a cost-effective online price-checking and reference service. Hourly updates mean you’re right at the sharp end of competitive current pricing and can make profitable decisions about purchasing. more >>

Pharma TouchStone
With many innovative ways of using pricing, developed in conjunction with key players over the last decade, you get the information you need to analyse market trends, monitor parallel imports and track competitive activity.  This offers everything you need to ensure your positioning strategy is accurately targeted. more >>

The British Pharmaceutical Pricing Index provides in-depth information on commercial pharmaceutical pricing over the last ten years.  It provides you with reports that are the outcome of considerable research with accurate information on product sales and profitability not available in the marketplace.  It’s easy to use and allows you to create the analogues you want. more >>

ScriptMap allows you to analyse and understand prescriptions sent to the PPA by chemists and dispensing doctors by month, quarter or MAT.
You can view data by surgery, PCT, town, region and at a national level.  Or you can see prescribing maps at a national, regional, PCT / CCG or district level. more >>

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